BSW Wealth Partners

Employees 27 | Firm Type RIA | Managing Principal David Wolf | Location Boulder, Colo. | Primary Custodian Schwab Advisor Services |

“We attract a different kind of person,” said David Wolf, CEO of BSW Wealth Partners, referring to both employees and clients.

Guided by the motto “Make Life Better,” the firm strives to encourage both its clients and employees to pursue their passions.

“We have a collection of people on staff who live unconventional lives,” he said. “We tell them, ‘We know that this drives who you are, and you need to do it and we’re going to support you.’”

For example, the firm enabled one staffer to pursue their interest in international wildlife conservation through travel. Another staffer teaches an afternoon yoga class, and another enjoys telecommuting to work from Hawaii.

BSW’s beginnings in 1992 as a female-founded firm has set it apart in several ways, Wolf said. It boasts a high percentage of female employees at all levels, a commitment to equitable pay, a longstanding expertise in impact investing, and is now a Certified B Corporation and Gender Equity Now certified company.

Said Wolf, “Our goal is to be responsive to people’s individual circumstances.”