Spectrum Investment Advisors

Employees 24 | Firm Type RIA | President Manuel Rosado | Location Mequon, Wis. | Primary Custodian TD Ameritrade Institutional |

“We travel in a pack,” said Manuel Rosado, president of Spectrum Investment Advisors. “There’s a lot of togetherness.”

At Spectrum Investment, Management takes every opportunity to foster closeness and camaraderie among its team. Rosado believes the open-office layout, featuring cubicles, encouraged employee interaction. The arrangement is especially helpful for new employees, he said, enabling them to blend into the crowd more easily. Office transparency is taken literally, with windowed walls separating executive offices, allowing senior managers to feel part of what’s happening outside their doors.

As part of the company’s focus on inclusivity, the entire staff eats lunch together, often sharing dishes family-style. Everyone participates in off-campus client seminars, and all employees and their spouses are invited on annual group trips around the country, such as to New York, Boston and Washington, D.C.

“We feel like a family, everyone looking out for everyone else, with the expectation – as within a family – that we have to work out conflicts,” Rosado said. “But it’s a family with a lot of celebrations.”