Your Wealth Effect

Employees 21 | Firm Type Broker Dealer affiliate | President Mark Delp | Location Irvine, Calif. | Primary Custodian Wells Fargo Advisors | Broker Dealer Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network

“The more out of control you feel, the higher stress you feel; it goes across your entire work life,” said Mark Delp, president of Your Wealth Effect.

The notion of bestowing decision-making abilities to all employees underlies the firm’s management philosophy and shows up in large and small ways.

For example, advisers are given wide autonomy over how they staff their teams and how much they spend on marketing. Furthermore, teams are given the opportunity to re-evaluate their composition and request personnel changes if desired. In this way, advisers and support staff alike can choose whom they want to work with.

Support staff also have control over their career paths, Delp said, because the company will pay for professional licensing and training for those who wish to develop their career.

Flexibility in work hours enables employees to attend to the needs of loved ones.

“I want employees to be able to provide for their families as well as be part of their families,” he said.