Concorde Investment Services

Employees 32 | Firm Type Hybrid | CEO Jason Kavanaugh | Location Livonia, Mich. | Primary Custodian Pershing Advisor Solutions |

Constant, mindful communications and coaching are the keys to maintaining a culture among a far-flung workforce, said Jason Kavanaugh, founder and CEO of Concorde Investment Services. The firm has 32 employees across eight states.

“Frequency in communication makes employees feel heard.” he said. “And especially with virtual meetings, you need to be continually fresh.”

Kavanaugh sets the tone from the top by meeting daily with his executive team, who in turn meet virtually with their direct-reports bi-weekly. Kavanaugh also holds frequent virtual events with the entire staff to build team morale and friendships. These meetings have fun themes such as wearing favorite hats or dressing in costume to encourage everyone to relax and feel comfortable — and ultimately more trusting — with each other. In addition, distant employees are brought to the home office quarterly to strengthen long-term and long-distance relationships.

In further support of fostering trust, all employees work with a coach, whether individually or by department.

“It builds consistency in tone and language, and builds a safe environment,” Kavanaugh said.