Mission Wealth Management

Employees 44 | Firm Type RIA | President Seth Streeter | Location Santa Barbara, Calif. | Primary Custodian Fidelity Institutional |

A strong culture knits together Mission Wealth Management’s 44 employees in 10 locations across the U.S.

“We follow the same approach with our employees as with our clients—caring for the whole person,” said Seth Streeter, founder and CEO.

Streeter has taken that concept to the next level by identifying 11 dimensions of wealth: family, emotional well-being, social activity, fun, physical health, the environment, spiritual happiness, intellectual fulfilment, career development, financial and community impact. These factors drive the firm’s actions and internal and external communications.

For example, surveys, workshops and one-on-one meetings at the firm are designed to proactively explore employees’ personal priorities, and flexible scheduling supports employees’ family lives. The firm supports the environment by being a Certified Green Business; a digital platform promotes positive behaviors (e.g., volunteerism, wellness, sustainability, etc.); and interpersonal communications reflect deep caring, said Streeter.

“I think our secret sauce is being the most caring firm in our industry. Investing in that level of awareness — knowing the whole person — is essential for our culture. Having employees and clients feel heard and understood is critical,” he said.