Simon Quick Advisors

Employees 60 | Firm Type RIA | CEO and Founder Leslie C. Quick III | Location Morristown, N.J. | Primary Custodian Fidelity Institutional |

Coming off a busy three years that included a merger and significant organic growth, Simon Quick Advisors is now focusing on a comprehensive companywide training program, said Jenna Wilson, director and principal of the firm.

Adding to its broad efforts in team building and transparency, this key initiative came about partly in response to employee suggestions, Wilson said. Employees conveyed their wishes for training across the board via the company suggestion box and firmwide surveys.

The components of the training program include:

  • Training for managers, group leaders and high-potential employees, with a special focus on emotional intelligence.
  • Providing a mentor to every employee, which is an especially effective tool for new employees.
  • Training to improve the onboarding experience for new hires.
  • Improving professional skills for career development, such as public speaking, and support for the pursuit of certifications, attending conferences and continuing education.

“Training is another way that shows that we care about our people,” Wilson said. “It connects them more closely to our culture and mission. We want people to feel they have our support in their careers.”