Employees 68 | Firm Type RIA | CEO Peter Hill | Location Foster City, Calif. | Primary Custodian Schwab Advisor Services |

Shared values are why people stay together, said Peter Hill, CEO of Bailard, where the average tenure for senior management is 20 years and the average tenure for employees is 16. Bailard’s values are accountability, striving for excellence, independence, compassion, fairness and courage.

The organization is serious about walking the walk. For example, in terms of modeling fairness, Bailard has an open salary policy, allowing everyone to find out what all co-workers earn. The value of courage is also visibly supported. Hill modeled this mindset in 2012 when, inspired by the Olympics, he came up with his “gigantic, ambitious” plan to double revenues in four years.

“It was aggressive and everyone embraced it,” he said.

Employees are encouraged to advocate for their ideas, whether that’s developing specialized portfolios like emerging life sciences or prodding the firm do some introspection and self-analysis in the areas of branding and public relations.

“It’s the kind of place where people want to work,” Hill said. “We demonstrate that we are willing to listen.”