Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney

Employees 67 | Firm Type RIA | Co-CEO Greg Sullivan | Location McLean, Va. | Primary Custodian Schwab Advisor Services |

At Sullivan Bruyette Speros & Blayney, an overriding aspect of the company’s culture is a focus on healthy relationships with its employees and clients, said Greg Sullivan, CEO and co-founder. In support of this focus, the 67-person firm places an emphasis on fun and social time, as well as employee autonomy and a commitment by management to get to know each employee individually. A strong mentoring program has also been in place for 10 years, and applies to everyone at the firm. Employees choose a mentor with whom they meet quarterly. After two or three years, they choose a new mentor. As a result, mentees feel better connected to the firm, feel they are heard, and develop relationships with people who can provide advice empathy.